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How to make a booking for a “Face-to-Face” consultation.



Crystal believes that it is unprofessional and discourteous to interrupt any consultation

In order to reply to a request for a consultation booking.


Thus, that your request receives her proper and full attention, she requests that the following procedure


is adhered to:-

Please phone  088-123-2954 to access a 24 hour answering system (note also that this service does not accept SMS messages as it is purely a voice function.)


SMS messages can be left on 084-494-0020 ( note also that this service does not accept a voice messages and is purely a SMS function.)


Speaking clearly, leave your name, and a contact number (including dialling codes) please repeat this number as sometimes there may be problem with the connection.


Please also indicate your choice of date and time



Also state your consultation requirements (Tarot Cards only, or Tarot cards plus Crystal Ball)


Please also state the length of time you would like (Half-hour, One Hour etc)



As soon as practical, you will be contacted for confirmation of your booking or should that booking not


be available, alternative booking time and dates.


Confirmation of costs of your consultation will also be made at this time.


Should you not have received a call-back from Crystal within three (3) days, please call again as there was probably a problem with the message received..






All appointments are for BOOKED TIME. Late arrivals will have to be prepared the forfeit part of their appointment. Please DO NOT over stay your time, remember there are other people after you.